The Environment

Yukon Farms has had its carbon footprint analysed and is working towards a carbon neutral status.

The farm is in the beginning of a three year project of creating a composting facility. The objective is to replenish the carbon content in the soil. This will also create an ideal environment for earthworms and other insects, which in turn improve the quality of the soil and allows for sustainable biological farming.

Waste management

We run various initiatives to manage and reduce our waste on our farms, as well as our offices:

All waste packaging material is collected by local waste paper recyclers for processing. Harvested waste product not fit for human consumption, are used by local individuals for feeding their animals. Some of this waste is also used to make compost.

All waste water is managed by pumping it into a natural lake. Here the water is purified to a certain degree by the vegetation, before it seeps back into the earth replenishing ground water resources. None of our effluent water is toxic as we use only food safe detergents and cleaning agents. Empty chemical containers are first holed and then incinerated in special burners. All other plastic is collected for recycling. Glass waste is collected and taken to the local municipal area where it is recycled.

Chemicals used/residue

We are determined to limit and reduce the use of products that are potentially harmful to the environment and groundwater resources. Our chemical usage is non-existent as we only use those chemicals that are registered and approved by the European Union as products that can be used for food production. These products used are in accordance with the PPL list approved by the PPECB (Perishable Products Export Control Board). No banned chemical substances are kept or used on the farm.

Chemical residues are tested on an on-going basis and kept well below allowable levels.

Community development

Products that are fit for human consumption, but is classified as waste by virtue of it being ‘out of spec’ for our strict packing standards, are collected by various local community organisations, such as church groups, children's homes and feeding programmes to assist people in need within our communities.

Yukon partners with WWF

We've been busy labelling all of our Yukon packs with our #OOAFORRHINOS stickers over the past few weeks.

This is our first campaign working in partnership with WWF South Africa. We are hoping our baby vegetables will help raise awareness of WWF South Africa’s Rhino Programme in the many different markets they are sold in!

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